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Good news for Grantham?

We at Sell My House Quickly Grantham saw an interesting article in the Grantham Journal last week written by Graham Newton about the town centre and the potential development coming our way. Graham wrote:

“A bid for millions of pounds to boost Grantham town centre must help struggling businesses.

That is the call from Malcolm Swinburn, chairman of Grantham Business Club, following the announcement that the district council will bid for about £8 million in Government cash to boost the high street.

The bid for help from the Future High Street Fund could attract as much as £20 million with match funding from the private sector.”

It is great to see our council being pro-active in these troubling times, but this funding does raise a few questions. We have seen approval recently of two big retail developments at either end of Grantham at Downtown and Tollemache Road. The big fear of us all is that these retail developments will decimate the Town Centre which of course begs the question what the Council will do to revive its Town Centre when many shops are closing, even the big retail chains are downsizing. The George Centre has been struggling for years so it will be interesting to see what they come up with as their options seem somewhat limited.

Pre Covid we were thinking that the High Street would become a mixture of residential and retail. A pedestrian zone for social gathering with many cafes, bar and restaurants catering for the new residents in that area. Post Covid we are facing a quite different landscape with the hospitality sector probably hardest hit and therefore most challenged to invest in any area, let alone a market town competing with Nottingham, Lincoln and Peterborough for similar funding. We hope to see a phoenix rise from the flames and take a risk, but any venture will require shareholder approval as well as balls of steel.

I am sure plans were afoot when the retail developments were announced so I am aware the Council were ahead of the game so to speak. The last six months have made that challenge much greater but with Government investment the burden on the councils’ finances have been eased somewhat. There is plenty of justification for the bid and I hope they are successful in pulling a rabbit out of the hat.