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Good news for house sellers in Grantham

House sellers in Grantham will have been delighted to see this in the Mail on Sunday:

“Britain’s booming property market sees 13 buyers for EVERY home on sale… with some even following estate agents’ cars so they can be at the front of the queue!”

  • Agreed sales last month were up 57 per cent compared with April 2019.
  • Many estate agents now immediately ask prospective buyers for their ‘best and final offer’ to ward off gazumping.
  • Experts said the industry was working around the clock, and buyers were resorting to extreme measures to secure a home.
  • Surge in demand has largely been driven by ultra-low interest rates and the stamp duty holiday on homes under £500,000.

However, there will be some people in Grantham asking the question that if this is the case why has MY house not sold?

I did a quick search on Rightmove and there are 156 houses and apartments for sale in the Grantham district. Of those 7 date back to 2019 and 28 to 2020, which represents 20% of the marketplace. At what point as a property seller do you ask yourself, “Why is MY house not selling?”. Has the conversation taken place with the estate agent or have you just assumed that as the market is so buoyant your house must sell?

You need to consider the issues in the marketplace from the estate agents’ perspective, many have been working from home or on short hours due to Covid and social distancing rules albeit that is about to change with the easing of lockdown. Demand has been high, so they have been very reactive to enquiries coming in, but are they being pro-active with properties that have been on their books a while?

If your property is not generating any enquiries then you need to be asking a few questions of yourself and the agent, things like:

  • Why is my property on the market?
  • Is it presented in the best possible way?
  • Is the price competitive with the current market conditions?
  • Do I need to change my estate agent to give it fresh momentum?
  • Shall I call Sell My House Quickly Grantham to get this property sold?

If you are one of many house sellers in Grantham and feel you have been forgotten by your agent then contact us for a fair price for a fast sale and we will be on the case straight away.