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More frustration for Grantham’s Landlords

More frustration for Grantham’s Landlords as an NRLA investigation discovers that rogue landlords are not being punished by Local Authorities. Since 2017 Local Authorities have been able to impose fines up to £30,000 for a range of housing offences. A Freedom of Information request by the NRLA brought to light that only 130 out of 275 (who had replied to the request) authorities had imposed any sort of fines since 2018. These are astonishing statistics given the media and government are hell bent on demonising landlords at every opportunity.

Chris Norris of the NRLA said, “Our findings show that most councils are failing to use the tools available to them to tackle rogue and criminal landlords. By failing to apply appropriate sanctions to punish wrongdoing councils are weakening the principle of deterrence which underpins the civil penalties regime.”

The investigation also highlighted that 71% of the penalties had been handed out by a mere 7% of the local authorities meaning of the authorities who replied to the request only 20 are doing their job in looking after tenants suffering at the hands of rogue landlords.

It is plain to see, given the raft of legislation in recent years, that the Government is taking the easy option and taxing all landlords heavily and making it much harder to earn a respectable living. Rather than actively targeting those rogue landlords, that are quite frankly known to them, and putting them out of business or correcting their practices. Given the level of fines available to councils they could use this legislation to generate significant income and therefore improve the services they offer. In addition it would act as an effective deterrent and ensure landlords are behaving themselves in their district.  There is also the issue that with many excellent landlords being taxed into oblivion this means they are possibly unable to carry out necessary improvements to their property thus not being in a position to do the best for their tenants.

It is easy to see why Grantham’s landlords are so frustrated; the appeal of long term tenants diminishes as times go by with the short term rental sector becoming more appealing in so many ways.

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